The Marriage Agreement

The Marriage Agreement | An enemies to lovers marriage of convenience romance

Series: Corrupt Vows

Release Date: June 27 2024


marriage of convenience | enemies to lovers | second chance | secret baby


Today I marry the man of my dreams. Only he hates me. Thinks I ruined his career, and wants to destroy my family.

Damien and I weren’t supposed to sleep together.

He was my brother’s best friend and I was off-limits.

But passion overtook us and destroyed us both.

For him, his career, for me, ties to my family.

Eight years later, Damien has bounced back and is a billionaire financier.

And I am a broke bakery owner in desperate need of money.

And he’s the only person who can save me.

A marriage of convenience between us and he gets what he wants.

Destruction of my family’s company.

And I get what I want. My inheritance.

But there’s a snag. He doesn’t know that he is the father of my son.

Or that I even have a son.

For a ruthless man like him, surely it won’t be a problem. Right?

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